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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 19: Chapter 3 of Cheryl Kaye Tardif's psychic crime suspense--Divine Intervention

"Another wonderful Tardif novel shows her mastery of any genre. Tardif first enthralled me with Whale Song. What a magnificent transition she accomplishes here with Divine Intervention, a future-thriller, or speculative crime fiction, or sci-fi/mystery. Tardif shows that a great story and wonderful voice can bring any genre to life. Of course, I know her secret. Characters. Jasi and her team make this oh-so-very-hip story jump...I sense a potential movie here. Powerful, emotional, riveting, transcending genre. Which is a good thing, because here is a blend of speculative fiction and crime novel, although clearly more of the latter. Thumbs up and waiting for more from Cheryl Tardif." --Derek Armstrong, author of The Game

Divine Intervention

©2004 Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Chapter 3

~ Loon Lake near Kelowna , BC

The helicopter deployed Jasi and her PSI team one mile from the fire. A fog of gray smoke greeted them. It hung in the air over the crime scene like a smothering electric blanket set on high. The scorching sun smiled down upon them, adding to the heat.

Fire trucks were parked on the side of a grassy field surrounded by thick trees and weedy underbrush. An oversized khaki-colored army tent had been pitched in the center of the field while an exhausted group of firefighters slept nearby in the shade. A variety of police vehicles slanted across the gravel road, blocking off public access.

A tired, sooty police officer strolled toward them. "Hey, Ben."

Read Chapter 3 of Divine Intervention, a sizzling paranormal suspense that has been likened by fans to Kay Hooper's and J.D. Robb's series.

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