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Saturday, July 21, 2007

What's the Definition of a Compulsive Writer

Well, in three words?

Cheryl Kaye Tardif!

I recently submitted my answers to a word game that was in the newsletter for Crime Writers of Canada, one of the writers' organizations I belong to. They asked for definitions to a list of words. Today's newsletter came out and what did I see first? My submission. lol

Please enjoy a wry look at my sense of humor...

From Fingerprints Online:

We had only one response to last month’s challenge either to create a flash story using 18 words I pulled from The Disheveled Dictionary by Karen Elizabeth Gordon (she of The New Well-Tempered Sentence and The Deluxe Transitive Vampire, both sources of grammatical tips presented in past FPOLs) or to come up with some wacky definitions.

CHERYL KAYE TARDIF rose to the challenge with some definitions that, scarily enough, make a certain sense:

· Adumbrate - an intellectually-challenged vertibrate, aka "dumb-ass"
· Amanuensis - the inability to follow an instruction manual
· Anodyne - a common expression in the south by those who are not in touch with reality: pronounced, "Ah no' dyin'"
· Aperçu - a few drinks one has before going into court to sue someone
· Asseverate - to release a noxious fart, most common in men
· Bildungsroman - a camper or trailer
· Cachinnate - to hold onto things, to “pack-rat”
· Callipygian - a rare gray bird found only in California
· Charivari (aka shivaree) - the act of using the same shiv in prison to take out an inmate and then oneself
· Chasmophile - a person who prefers to live in deep, dark holes, i.e., caves or underground bunkers
· Chthonic - someone who lisps because of an enlarged tongue
· Cicerone - adj. describing an extremely large, protruding nose
· Concatenation - the audacity of a cat burglar
· Crepuscular - having a creepy demeanor or body build - you know, like Mr. Rogers
· Décharné - some French, that's what it means, really
· Divagation - separation by age, like in the new TV series The Age of Love
· Dolce far niente - some Italian saying meaning "sweet f*** all" (OK, you don't have to print this) [sure I do – Ed.]
· Ensellure - a new drug for combatting the obsession with making up definitions for weird words; FDA and CWC approved

These definitions were provided by ANONYMOUS, an adumbrate who likes to cachinnate because she has a cicerone appendage on a crepuscular body and is on Ensellure because she does dolce far niente but think of weird definitions to even weirder words.

* * * * *

Ok, in my defense...I, uh...have no defense. I have always liked word games. Helps to sharpen the ole brain! :) CKT

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