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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hidden Palms...Cancelled?

Some of you may know that I am a TV junkie, and I need my fix of good television just to keep me sane. It helps me clear my mind and shut off the novels that I am working on. As a non-recovering TV addict, I get hooked on dramas with interesting characters and gripping plots. LOST, Heroes, CSI...those are some of my favorites. And then there was The O.C..

Ok, the latter may seem strange considering I'm a wife, mom and author of 40+ years. But I put it down to: these shows keep me young! Not only do they remind me of what it was like to be young (the good parts), they remind me of what it would have been like if I had been a spoiled rich kid going to an elite school and going to posh parties every weekend thrown by pampered wives. There is something so magnetic about seeing the "other side".

And then they cancelled The O.C. and I was left with this void.

But this summer, I discovered a new show--Hidden Palms. And I thought it was even BETTER than The O.C. because of one intriguing aspect. The plots were based on a mystery. And I am a mystery writer. Therefore it would stand to reason that I would be drawn to it. And I was.

I watched every episode of Hidden Palms, and even had my PVR set up so I wouldn't miss a show. And then last night they showed the 8th episode--the series finale. At first I was thinking the season finale. Until I went onto the CW's Lounge to chat about the last episode.

That's where I found out Hidden Palms is cancelled.

Cancelled? What the heck are they thinking?

Hidden Palms had exceptional acting by an adult and young adult cast, a storyline that kept you guessing and wanting more, an awesome soundtrack and theme, and so much more. Yes, it is a 'soap opera' of sorts, like The O.C. and so many others, but it had an edge, a darkness that made it unique.

And then just as I was getting used to what night it was on and the fact that it is in the higher channels than I normally watch, they cancel it. Phooey!

You can expect more ranting from me on this topic in the future.

For now, I wish Johnny, Greta, Nikki, Cliff and everyone else a fond adieu. I will have to join this Save Hidden Palms Campaign!

who now has HPWS...
Hidden Palms Withdrawal Syndrome

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