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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

While I normally don't do chain letters of any kind, Manky at The Old Book Bag tagged me to come up with 8 random things about me. And I decided to do this...just once.
(So everyone else, beware, if you 'chain' me, I'll hit 'delete'.)

Ma...this is for you!

1. I used to have all the ABBA 8-tracks...and I knew every word and sang them all the time...with a microphone.

2. I won a fishing derby when I was a kid. I caught a 14 lb. coho salmon. I cried when my dad made me pick it up by its gills.

3. When I was a teen, I visited my best friend's house and hate almost half a pan of brownies she and her dad made. They were really, really good. But I couldn't figure out why she put parsley in them. A short time later, I was in a really good mood...but strangely, I was very hungry again.

4. Where I grew up, a popular evening sport was shooting rats at the dump. My parents did this with their friend's on New Years one year. (Ok, this one wasn't really about me, but I just had to share.)

5. My first friend in Bermuda was the daughter of a very wealthy couple. It was the first time I'd ever been in a house that was a mansion, with swimming pools, tennis courts and maids.

6. I owned a hair salon when I was 22 and was one of the youngest salon owners in BC. It was called Cheryl's Scissor Trix (the 'x' was a pair of scissors).

7. I have done the hair and makeup for 2 models before photo shoots.

8. I hum and sing constantly. It used to drive my parents and brothers nuts. Now it drives my husband and daughter nuts. I have no intention of stopping. I even sing in the car. :)

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