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Monday, May 24, 2010

If you were a fan of the hit TV show LOST, you'll love THE RIVER

For LOST fans now going through withdrawal symptoms, here's a quick fix. My bestselling thriller THE RIVER is like LOST meets TIMELINE meets THE DA VINCI CODE, and I am positive you'll enjoy it.

THE RIVER is set in the wilds of the northwest territories, in an area along the Nahanni River that many refer to as the Bermuda Triangle of Canada. For decades people have gone missing or have ended up dead. For real.

In THE RIVER a group of people travel to this unpredictable and deadly area in search of a missing father, only to discover that another world awaits them--one that is fraught with danger, deception, conspiracy, time travel, medical experimentation and murder. Who will make it out alive?

Seven years ago, Del Hawthorne’s father and three of his friends disappeared near the Nahanni River and were presumed dead. When one of the missing men stumbles onto the University grounds, alive but barely recognizable and aging before her eyes, Del is shocked. Especially when the man tells her something inconceivable. Her father is still alive!
"Cheryl Kaye Tardif specializes in mile-a-minute pot-boiler mysteries." --Edmonton Sun

"Cheryl Kaye Tardif skillfully balances scientific intrigue, and the human desire to retain a youthful body, with tantalizing sexual tension, and vivid characterizations in this engrossing romantic thriller...Exciting and vivid." --Midwest Book Review

"You're in for an absorbing adventure--with more twists and turns than the Nahanni River itself--and a surprising, yet satisfying ending that leaves you gasping for more." --Betty Dravis, author

THE RIVER is available in paperback online through Amazon, Chapters, Barnes & Noble and more. It is also in select bookstores, or you can have your bookstore order it in. (I'm a proud supporter of independent bookstores too.) 

It is also available in ebook format through KoboBooks, Smashwords and the Kindle Store.

Feed your thirst for a good story and get lost in THE RIVER.

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