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Friday, January 16, 2009

Whale Song - the movie?

When I imagine Whale Song as a major motion picture, I smell hot buttered popcorn. Really. If I close my eyes and picture a scene from my novel being played out on a big screen, I can almost TASTE the popcorn.

I've even gone so far in my little fantasy to imagine the conversations that people have as they leave the theatre...

"Oh my God, that was so good."

"I know! I can't believe what happened at the end."

"That movie made me cry so hard." Sniff. "But I loved it!"

"That's one of the best movies I've ever seen."

"Have you read the book? It's even better!"

"I have to bring the kids to see it."

"That was the perfect family film."

"I'm getting a group of my girlfriends together and we're coming back to see it."


"What a powerful message."

"I just loved the scene where Sarah is underwater and comes face to face with the killer whale."

"And didn't you just LOVE Nana?"

"That movie is going to walk away with a ton of awards!"

Yes, I can hear them all chattering away, as I sit in the back row and shamelessly eavesdrop.

I can't wait until that day comes. One day...

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~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
bestselling author of Whale Song

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