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Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Story With No Ease

Note: Before I begin this story exercise, I must explain that an author friend joked about writing a book that had no S’s. It got me thinking…is it possible to write a story with no E’s? This is my attempt. And it wasn't easy. Of course, this doesn’t count the title, the tags or this note. :)

Shall I start?

Want to know my story? This is it. Many moons ago, I was born into a military family. I saw various towns and many islands. I had a solid upbringing. “Strict” was my dad’s motto.

My mind is full of words. Always. My goal as a child was always to turn my writing into books. As an author, I want to shock my fans with horrific plots, scary things that could actually subsist in our world.

I’m waiting for a book contract for my fourth book. It’ll occur soon. I know it. This book is most thrilling, I think. I’m working on my fifth book, which is kind of my sixth book. My first and fourth―similar books? Almost matching. Do you grasp what I’m saying? Probably not.

Anyway, I’m living my vision. And I’m awfully happy.

My wish is that you find your vision. Accomplish it by doing anything you can to obtain it. Having a vision is autonomy. It allows you to crush what panics you and attain what you want from this world. Wanting is natural. Accomplish it by motion.

Stay in motion, always moving, always striving, always hoping. Action and visualization draws good things toward you. Soon all your visions will grow into actuality.

Okay. That’s it. That’s all I can possibly post on this topic.

P.S. Did you find any? You know what I’m talking about. Good luck!

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Cheryl Kaye Tardif... said...

Leave me a comment...with no E's.
Please. lol


Peter said...

Good job. You did it. Many paragraphs without that symbolic pictograph. Congratulations. May all your books contain only a,i,o and u.