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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Random Acts of Giving Books Away

During our stay at the Riu Vallarta Hotel in Mexico, I had the pleasure of meeting some great people and giving away some of my novels. Ironically, most of the people I talked to were from Canada. The funny thing was that two people--one Canadian and one American--said they thought I was from the States. Apparently, I have an American accent. Go figure! :)

One day I passed by a woman who told me she liked my red hair. Then we went our separate ways.

Later that day or the next, I decided to pass out some more of my books. By the pool, a couple sat to my right and I debated on leaving a book. Neither of them seemed to be reading, but I felt compelled to leave a copy of Whale Song anyway. I did so when the couple went to the pool.

Then switched seats with my husband and waited.

When the woman returned, she gathered her belongings and gave a few glances at the book lying on her chair. She walked away, and I felt a bit deflated. But she returned right away and made a beeline for the book. She asked my husband if it was his. He said, "No. It's my wife's."

When she turned to me, I explained that I was the author and that I had left it for her as a gift, if she thought she'd enjoy it. The next thing I knew, she was sitting down on her lounger and reading Whale Song. I had to laugh when my husband and hers started talking. She moved away slightly and gave me an apologetic look. "I don't want to be distracted from your book," she said with a smile.

I may have gifted her with a book, but she gave me something unexpected back in return. With all the book signings and special events I have held, it is a rare treat for me to actually observe someone reading one of my books. It is an indescribable feeling--a delightful mix of accomplishment and humble thankfulness.

A while later I took a walk with 4 books in hand, one each of Divine Intervention and The River and 2 of Whale Song. I walked down one row of loungers until I reached some women who were reading. I introduced myself, assured them I wasn't selling anything and told them I wanted to give away my books. Within seconds I had no books left.

The last gal took The River, I think. When she first glanced up at me, she said, "Hey, you're the one with the red hair." It was the same woman I had passed earlier.

Coincidence? I don't think so. I don't believe in coincidence.

Have you ever been the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness from a total stranger? If so, please share.

Have you ever "given" a Random Act of Kindness? If so, please tell us about it.

I challenge each of you to do one totally random "nice" thing for a stranger--someone you've never met before. Do this by Sunday, March 9th. I guarantee you will impact a life and you'll feel really great afterward. :)

If you're unsure of what to do, give someone a copy of Whale Song. :)

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