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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Smallville Actress Kristin Kreuk and Canadian Idol Eva Avila Read Whale Song

During my August 2007 'Touring the World' virtual book tour, the following article appeared (although now slightly modified) on My Book, The Movie. I was very excited when I realized that I would have a chance to dream a bit and discuss a possible movie version of my novel Whale Song, a novel that is haunting, compelling, mysterious and emotional. Great components for a feature film!

As I wrote the novel back in 2003, I could see the story roll across my inner vision, frame by frame, like a movie on slow motion. I saw the main character ‘Sarah’, who begins the story in the prologue as a mid-twenties ad exec. She then flashes back to her life as a child. In 2003, I imagined the younger Sarah being played by actress Mackenzie Rosman from TV’s 7th Heaven fame. Mackenzie has Sarah’s dark (Italian?) looks and tenacious spirit. But we’d need a younger actress to play Sarah now.

I also had a clear picture of who would play the adult Sarah. Kristin Kreuk, ‘Lana’ from the popular TV show Smallville. Again, she has the darker coloring, and I think she’s a wonderful actress who knows how to pull off emotional scenes. Shortly after this article appeared on My Book, The Movie, I was contacted by a Kristin Kreuk fan who gave me the actress’ contact information. I sent out a brief email to her agent and was invited to send Kristin a copy of Whale Song, which I must admit, made my day.

More recently, I came across a young woman who also makes me think of Sarah. I’m a Canadian Idol addict and last season’s winner, Eva Avila, was my personal favorite from day one. I’ve been emailing Eva, and she is actually reading Whale Song right now. In one of my emails I mentioned that she would make a perfect ‘Sarah’, and she commented back that she was actually looking to get into acting. The more I think about it, the more I think Whale Song would be a perfect role for Eva to start off her acting career. I would be pleased if either Eva or Kristin played my ‘Sarah’.

For Adam, Sarah’s love interest, I always visualized Nathaniel Arcand as the adult Adam. Nathaniel is from North of 60 fame and has starred in numerous TV shows and films. But again, some years have passed now. I created the younger Adam somewhat around Zac Efron, the teen actor who played in TV’s Summerland, and more recently in Hairspray. I think Eva Avila and Zac Efron would make an intriguing combination.

Whale Song has captured a lot of film interest. Currently, it is in the hands of numerous film producers, including some major players from Hollywood and one of Canada’s leading female producers. I know that the project has to be right for a producer; they have to envision it too.

I know in my blood that Whale Song will make a great film. I know there won’t be many dry eyes at the end. I can imagine the movie score filled with Eva Avila tunes, along with music by my other talented friends—Alexia Melnychuk (singer) and Julie Blue (film composer). Whale Song is a movie waiting to happen. And I am waiting patiently for the right time, right producer.

So until the movie is made, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Whale Song, a haunting and compelling novel that will change the way you view life…and death.

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