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Friday, June 08, 2007

Pinetree Chapters is a Breath of Fresh Air

Tonight I had my signing at Pinetree Chapters in Coquitlam, and I was welcomed in a way that made me feel like I was home. Linda, the manager, met me at a table that was already set up with copies of Whale Song and a sign announcing my book signing.

The staff was all very friendly. Many of them came over to the table and asked about all three of my titles. Caitlin and Pali rang in my sales until closing time. Earlier, I witnessed Pali making an elastic attack on the gal from Starbucks. We tried to get Pali back but the darn elastic wasn't cooperating. I'll have to brush up on my elastic snapping skills before I come back! :)

I found the customers to be very friendly, and many of them were quite excited to hear that I was originally from Vancouver. Of course, that always leads to the age old question: why did you leave Van for Edmonton?

Ok, so here's the scoop: I moved around a lot when I was first married because my husband was in the Armed Forces. We lived in Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands, BC; then moved to Chatham, NB; then on to Petawawa, ON. After 8 years Marc got out--a tough decision in some ways since there were generations of Tardif's in the military. As a civilian, Marc realized we could move wherever we wanted, so we moved to Port Coquitlam. That was about 16 years ago.

A year later, I was offered a position in management with a home security company I was working for, as long as I agreed to move to Edmonton. So for the first time, we made a move based on my job. Unfortunately, the company I was working for wasn't very ethical and I quit, taking most of my team with me. The company folded shortly afterward. By this time Marc and I had already made Edmonton our home.

We've lived there for about 15 years now, and I must confess, Edmonton has been very good to us. My husband got an awesome job as a cable installer with Shaw Cable. Yeah, he's "the cable guy", and boy, does he have some stories to tell! I may just write a book about his experiences! :) We built our first home there, and it is the place where my own dream has finally come true--to be a published author. Talk about the land of opportunity!

But I have to say, it is a thrill to stand in the Pinetree Chapters and look out the window and see lush woods, colorful bushes and mountains. Yeah, BC is in my blood. So thank you to everyone at Pinetree Chapters for making my signing a fun and welcoming event. I really had a great time. Thank you also to the wonderful customers, like Carolyn, Leila, and all the others who stopped by and purchased Whale Song, The River or Divine Intervention. Oh, and there is a woman named Evelyn who is going to get the complete Cheryl Kaye Tardif set as a gift. :) A special thanks for the smiles and coos from little Ava, probably the happiest customer in the store!

For those of you who wanted to drop by but couldn't make it, Linda has said that the table with Whale Song will be displayed all day tomorrow at the front of the store. Every book on the table has been signed by me. :) If you're looking for Divine Intervention or The River, you can order them at the kiosk or at the tills. I had limited copies and was unable to leave any behind...sorry.

Oh, and I think I will ask Linda if I could return on the 14th. I never planned a signing for that date but I do have some time available and Pinetree is very close to where I am staying. So keep an eye out for me on June 14th. I may be there!

Thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome!

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of Whale Song, The River and Divine Intervention

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