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Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Call (movie) vs. Submerged (novel)

I was very intrigued when I first saw the teaser trailers for Halle Berry's new movie, The Call. For one thing, she plays a 911 dispatcher, the same occupation as Marcus Taylor, the main character in my new thriller, SUBMERGED. And like Marcus, she decides to jump into the action rather than just be the voice on the other end of the phone.

The Call is described as being an "intense," "high concept" thriller. You could use a similar description for SUBMERGED.

Here's a brief description of the movie, The Call:

Halle Berry plays a veteran 911 operator who takes a life-altering call -- but when she makes a fatal mistake that costs a young girl her life, she has one chance to redeem herself when the serial killer strikes again.

This is how I'd describe SUBMERGED:

Marcus Taylor is a 911 operator who takes a life-altering call -- after making choices that resulted in the tragic deaths of his wife and son. And now he has one chance to redeem himself when a killer runs a woman and her children off the road.

In The Call, Halle Berry's character must confront a killer from her past, while in SUBMERGED, Marcus must confront his past--period.

Check out the trailer for The Call:

Now check out the trailer for SUBMERGED:

So here's my final analysis:

I love the thrill of being in suspense, of the ticking clock, the race to salvation, the redemption of a flawed character. If you do too, and if you have seen The Call and enjoyed it, pick up a copy of SUBMERGED, a thriller that will leave you breathless.

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Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I will admit when I first saw the trailer for The Call, the similarities jumped out at me. But let's be honest, it happens all the time to writers. My favorite "I wrote it, and learned that someone else had also done it" stories involved me writing a scene where I described a character speaking with the voice of a cricket; and a week later reading Homer (the Illiad) and discovering that he had used the same description a couple thousand years earlier.

Cheryl Tardif said...

You're absolutely correct. As someone told me long ago, "There's really no such thing as an original idea or plot." :-)

Here's hoping SUBMERGED does much better than The Call when it hits the big screen...whenever that happens. lol