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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Website counter shows important search term: what is Cheryl Kaye Tardif's religion

Today I was checking my stats on my website visitor counter. I like to know where people come from--both the previous link that led them to me and their country of origin. I use because it shows me how many visitors I have each day, where they're from, what link they clicked on to get to my site (whether on another site or in an email). I also see what search terms people use to find me.

Today's interesting search term was: what is Cheryl Kaye Tardif's religion. I somehow doubt that person found their answer. So I'm going to put it here. Now I don't normally talk about religion--a habit left over from my hairstyling days when we were told not to discuss religion, sex or politics with customers. In the past I've blown all 3 rules.

So, here's the answer:

I am a spiritualist. I was christened as a Protestant but was never raised in any religion. I was told to explore and find my own. For a while I was a practicing Presbyterian. Although I practiced for many years, I never could get it right. There were things I liked and things I didn't.

In the end, I chose to find a new "church", and I did. In my heart. This is where I believe the true "church" resides, in each individual heart and soul. You don't have to go to a building to believe in a higher power. I don't need to have someone else preach to me in order to acknowledge this higher power either.

So I call myself a spiritualist--a spiritual person. I'm a deep thinker with strong beliefs in a loving power that wants us to do good in this world. Overall, I believe that we're each put on this earth to add value to others and to grow in spirit and learn the lessons that are important.

I hope this answers the question for whoever was looking.

Yes, it's amazing what you learn just by looking at the stats on your site counter. :-)

Cheryl Kaye Tardif


~Sia McKye~ said...

I haven't gotten that one, Cheryl, lolol! Have gotten some other slightly weird queries though.

But I sure like my stat counter. I also like to know who's looking at me and where they come from.

How's the movie development coming?

Cheryl Tardif, author and book marketing coach said...

Hey, Sia!

What's really neat is when someone Googles another author and ends up looking at your page then contacts you.

This happened to me recently when someone was looking for information about Brendan Burchard's sponsorship seminar. I'd blogged about attending the seminar, so my post showed up quite high in a search apparently. I then ended up emailing this person back and forth a few times. :-)

The Whale Song movie is progressing. No new developments yet. When I hear anything new I'll be sure to blog about it. For now I must play the dreaded waiting game while the producer gets everything in order.

Take care!