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Monday, January 16, 2006

More Reviews on THE RIVER!

Praise for Tardif's riveting

"The River is a gripping combination of suspense, sci-fi and adventure...a cross between Michael Crichton's Timeline and Dan Brown's Angels & Demons." --Matt Scofield, a fan

"Combining the current fascination with eternal youth and many scientists' passionate search for an end to aging and disease, Cheryl Kaye Tardif has penned a killer of a thriller titled "The River". Tardif's novel offers us a glimpse into a future that is all too believable--a future where no cost is too high to attain eternal youth. Set aside your chores for the day, grab a container of your favorite brew and settle in for a wild and captivating ride on "The River".

Del Hawthorne had grieved seven years for her dead father, when Schroeder, a friend who disappeared with him, burst into Del's classroom. "Your father is alive." He gives her a journal and collapses. The adventure that follows, as Del gathers volunteers to accompany her in the search for her father, will rivet you to this action-packed narrative.

Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of "Whale Song" and "Divine Intervention", has presented us with a gritty, perfect-for-our-times, bestseller-quality novel. "The River" presents insight into the potential problems that could arise with unscrupulous gleaning of living cells. THE RIVER...I plan to pass forward to my reading friends. Congratulations, Cheryl, on a marvelous tale."
--Beverly J. Scott ~ Author of Jena's Choice, Ruth Fever and Righteous Revenge

"I finished The River the other night and I finished it in record time because it kept me wanting more, and the twist! WOW! Wasn't expecting all that, that's for sure! Keep those books coming, Cheryl!" --Dori Gibbon

"Cheryl Kaye Tardif has once again captivated readers in her third novel and latest suspense thriller, The River. Set in the wilds of Canada's north, The River combines intrigue, science, love and adventure and is sure to keep readers clamoring for more." --Heather Andrews Miller,
Edmonton Sun

"Exciting and vivid. Tardif's latest novel sweeps readers along into uncharted, wild Canadian territory. A thrilling adventure where science sniffs harder, desperate to find the fountain-of-youth." --Christina Francine, Midwest Book Review; READ entire review from MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW!

"A wild river ride of tension, intrigue and romance as a motley crew of adventurers take you on a search for a man of the past who holds the key to the future, and the secret to eternal youth and power. Hang on--it's going to be a bumpy ride! Excellent read!" --S.L. Bartlett,
Silver Moon Magazine
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