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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The River...Proof Positive

Well, I recently received a proof copy of my latest novel, The River, and as other authors can attest, it's nothing short of a 'miracle' feeling. In fact, ever since the release of Whale Song back in 2003, I've described it as "like holding your newborn baby". And that's what the 'proof' is! My baby.

This third 'baby' arrived after months of anxiety. Will the cover be too dark? Will the ankh graphic show up? Will the color be okay? Will that darned ankh graphic create problems on the inside pages? Will the new font I chose be a problem? Will all right?

Sure sounds like the thoughts of an expectant mother, huh?

Well, the 'baby' arrived, neatly packaged. The color was perfect. In fact, the only obvious problem with The River proof was that whoever had finished the cover had moved it and the spine impression is slightly off, front and back. But I know that once the actual books are printed, this won't be an issue.

My fabulous publisher, Trafford Publishing, is based in Victoria, BC. And I am proud to be one of their authors. I may be slightly biased as I am originally from BC myself, but I think Trafford is the best Print-On-Demand publisher there is! Trafford has provided me with a way to fulfill my dream--three times! The staff at Trafford has been amazing, from Patricia on the order desk, to Anne, John and CEO Bruce Batchelor, and to Robyn--my new author's rep. And kudos to Christyne and Stacey, past Trafford staff, who made me feel so valued.

For those who don't know how a POD publisher works it's simple. It is a form of that awful term vanity publishing. It used to be such a nasty word, but more and more, people are turning to POD publishing as a viable way to get their books out there. How it works? You pay for a package and your book is published. Trafford takes care of all the legal and pesky details, like securing an ISBN and processing internet orders, which leaves me to the wonderful task of marketing my books and writing the next one. I am a writer and a promoter.

But most of all...I am published!

Publishing with Trafford has allowed me to establish a proven track record of sales. It's given me the opportunity to hone my sales techniques, marketing and promotional ideas. And to be honest, I ensure that my covers are just as good as what you see on those bestsellers. It's the quality of my book covers that attracts people to my table when I'm signing books. Trafford has given me the freedom to design or have them designed the way I want, the way I picture the book cover in my head. Trafford Publishing=FREEDOM!
Yes, that means I am self-published. But I am published! My books are in bookstores and they sell. Just ask the hundreds of people who bought my books last year. And ask the managers at Coles, Chapters and Indigo here in Edmonton who constantly tell me I have the highest, most consistent sales during book signings out of all local authors.
In two years with Trafford--and three books later--I have not found a real downside to being self-published. Some people argue that a POD publisher publishes anything...even "garbage". I must stress that not every book every publisher puts out is top-notch. I've read some 'crap' from the top 10 best sellers too. Yes, some books might not be polished or very well edited. Some authors with Trafford Publishing simply want a memoir for their family. For some, it's a lifelong dream and that's all that matters--not sales. Why should they not get their dream?

For others, like myself, it's just the vehicle to get me published until some intelligent publisher can see my value. I'm not a one-shot writer. I'm not someone who just all of a sudden decided to write a story. I've been writing all my life, ever since I can remember. Even my elementary teachers saw my talent. Now as soon as I can convince a traditional publisher to take me seriously and to take on a hard-working, dedicated, professional writer, then maybe my dream of having a best seller will finally become reality. That is my next step.

J.K. Rowling move over! There's a new author in town! ;)

And her name is Cheryl Kaye Tardif--author of The River, Divine Intervention and Whale Song.

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